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Within-Agency Trainer

The goal of this training is to promote program sustainability within agencies by developing Within-Agency Trainers (WAT). 

Those who wish to attend should either be an independently licensed mental health provider or an advanced graduate student who has already become certified as a PCIT Therapist. Further, applicant must have successfully graduated 4 PCIT cases.  

Playing with Blocks


  • 8-10 hours of small-group format training with expert PCIT trainers

    • Didactic presentations on coaching and supervision techniques

    • Hands-on learning strategies (e.g., modeling, role-play) of key skills

    • Instruction in the COACH coding system

    • Consultation through a new therapist's graduation of a PCIT case, including support for didactics and co-therapy mentorship

  • 8 hours of CEUs (LPC, LCSW, or LMFT)

  • Monthly videoconference consultation for 1 year

  • Session reviews of training of trainees with written feedback on supervisory skills

Note: Trainings can be offered in-person or virtually.


  • $1,750 per trainee

  • Group discounts can be arranged. Please contact Odyssey Bagby ( to inquire.

  • Training fees do not cover the cost of ECBIs or the application fee to PCIT International

  • Training will involve 5, two-hour virtual training sessions or 2 half-day sessions in-person or virtually

  • If virtual, must have appropriate microphone sound quality and be visible throughout

  • For any accommodation requests, please contact Odyssey Bagby

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  • Meet all PCIT International Within-Agency Trainer certification requirements

  • Review PCIT theory and principles

  • Be prepared to teach the basics of PCIT, including DPICS-IV coding, coaching skills, and how to track a trainee's progress

  • Achieve proficiency in COACH coding

  • Assist one new PCIT therapist through graduation of a PCIT case

  • Must have graduated 4 PCIT cases prior to start of training, per PCIT International guidelines

  • Must have an identified trainee prior to the start of training

  • Full participation in the 8-10 training hours

  • Full participation in the 12 months of monthly consultation calls by Zoom, or until training objectives are met

  • Ongoing purchase of the ECBI for progress monitoring

  • Submission of up to 3 videos for feedback on supervisory skills


Wooden Toy Train

Want to schedule a training for your agency or have more questions? 

Contact Us

OUHSC Child Study Center

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